photography is magic

Photography is magic.

Not just because of the art, or the sun dancing in my lens or the emotions of the moment... but because that time I get to spend with you is where the magic happens. 

 I get to enter into peoples lives for sometimes as short as 30 minutes, You get a crash course in who they are and their lives. I try to learn about them briefly before Session Day so we prepare and customize to them, Yet always willing to find myself changing the game plan upon seeing everything together.

I get to enter into your world. I get to see the interactions between Husband + Wife. The siblings. The whole family. They tell a deep story and it always leaves me wanting to capture them as they fully are, messy love and all, bringing about those things in still pictures. The laughter. The meaningful looks. The joy, The love, The moment. 

Every time I come away with my heart filled for having met you, gotten to know you, and experience your world for a short while. 

It's my favorite thing, and it feels like magic every time.