:::awkward wave... or maybe a hug? or a handshake? Okay, it's just gonna be a wave-hug-maybeshake::: 

I'm an awkward dork, and my name is Bethany.

I have a perfectly normal obsession with coffee.  

Because A. I am a mother; and B. I live in the great PNW where the sun is so rare we search for life in warm cups of that affectionately named liquid sunshine. You’ll find a cup of that in my hands more often than not.

I’ve been a photographer for 8 years. Countless weddings all across the US, the sweetest families and the freshest babies have all been my privilege to be trusted with. 

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I am a frazzled mom, trying not to ruin my daughter for life, but certain I am going to - as all good parents are --> yes, you’re doing it right. 

I met one of my dearest friends through craigslist. I photographed her daughters 2 year-pictures, and our girls also became best friends.

I also love:


The cranky unruly toddler, the mismatched socks, all the sass and cheesy smiles.

Ice cream bribes. Always.

Big windows and lots of light.

Gardening and getting dirty - though the only things I seem to be able to keep alive are my Husband, Daughter and Dog.

A location that fits each family. Keeping things laid back, fun + stress free. Less posed, keeping you in the moment with real smiles, hugs, tickles + laughs. Pouty lips, grumpy frowns, and serious attitudes.

The privilege of being invited to share in your lives for a brief time; being able to freeze the moments before they grow out of those clothes, before the fresh newborn face changes, as the family grows from 2 to 3 or 4 or more.