Bigger than me

I am classically plagued by the desire to do things that are so much bigger than me, aren't we all? 

Where the desire, the intent, is admirable - but how do you take it from there? I never know.

The vastness of the idea, the project, the goal, the "mission" is so far beyond the scope of all that I can see and so far beyond any resources I have that these things fall away into the abyss of "best intentions" and "nice thoughts."

What do you do, though, when it is the future of your daughter, and girls everywhere that is at the forefront of your mind? 

How do I raise an emotionally and mentally strong woman? 

It's 2018 and women are still in mental roles that have been long defined for us, and perpetuated by us.  

Where we take on responsibilities no one has asked of us, no one has required of us but ourselves. Where we fall into the guilt-traps thinking the happiness of those in our homes + lives is our responsibility. We are programmed to give and give and give of ourselves --> eventually we dry up and break. 

Our identities become wrapped up in a job, a title, and we forget that it's okay to own how much more we are.  It's easy to say "I'm JUST ______." Why does it have to be a "just"? Why do we feel like we need to  quantify what we do? Why do we need to feel like what things bring us joy are inferior to the things that bring other people joy? 

I don't have a large podium. I don't have a group of followers. I'm not a brand people know. I'm one person.

But with my one-person-ness I'd like to start talking about us. About women to start. How amazing and different we are. How each of us has our own perspective, our own stories, our own uniqueness that should be shared - as mundane as you may think it is - it will help the rest of us mundanes too. 

I was excited about the potential of this project, but in my own classic way - I've become more apprehensive, wanting to back out of the momentum I've already created. Lets pump the brakes here and hold off. Yet the reason I wanted to do this was for my daughters sake, so if the only person in the world this little project of mine has an affect on is my daughter - -> It will have been 100% worth the time and energy and drive. 

where will she go?