Winter Portland Maternity

These beautiful Parents-to-be and I made our way down along Water Avenue, after much deliberation.


Portland is never lacking in fun and unique locations. The biggest problem is deciding WHERE to go! Too many options often leads to so much indecision usually on both ends. 


When you live in a place like this with such variability in good ol' Urban Grunge, gorgeous parks, good architecture and a plethora of trail, hiking and views for dayssssssss - the 'where' is the hardest part. ;) 


Our choice fit them perfectly. 


They have spent much time grabbing coffee before heading out on bike rides or runs along the Portland downtown water front pathways. Exploring the city is a favorite of theirs. 

Their playful, fun-loving and silly personalities were just a joy! 

We're never too serious. Often someone is behind me dancing on one foot and making faces. That's the real secret to the laughter. ;)