"about me"

How do you write "about me"s?   I struggle with these, hate writing them. Future employers, clients, anyone you find yourself around - they all want to know about you. Will you mesh with them? Do you have common interests? What box or mold can they put you into to neatly package with a bow?

We carefully craft our words. Not wanting to make too big of a mark yet, we don't want to get put into the wrong box - because first impressions are so real - people won't try and get to know you better, to know you are so much more than the first impression. 

We accept the boxes even of ourselves. That we are a singular thing, and our identities are wrapped up in that. I know myself and many end up at least once, if not more, having an "identity crisis" when faced with changes, unrealized desires, or the successes + failures of others. 

It's taken my entire life to get to this point myself, accepting the complicated bit of being a human that I am. That, though I identified as a Tomboy when I was younger, it's okay to enjoy makeup and hair. That I dislike wearing dresses 98% of the time, heels and I are not ever friends and that that is okay, it doesn't make me any less of a woman, or that there is "something wrong with me." As much as we've come forward in the world, we as women still put these pressures on ourselves. 

I think we're caught in this interesting transition in time, where we are fighting so hard to be equalized, to not be dismissed just because we are women.  That we can be in a man or woman dominated profession and also have hobbies, identities, outside of them.

That being a mom doesn't mean you cannot have a career.
That having children doesn't mean you now also cook and stay up on laundry. 
That having a career makes you no less of a mother. 
That not having children makes you no less of a woman. 
That one "big" thing about is sums up who you are. 

Lets share stories. Lets share who we are. How our journeys are all unique, and never the same. 




"I recently got my dream job as a high school counselor at a school with high needs.  For the last three years, I've been completing my M.Ed. to prepare for this job while working full-time; it was a huge challenge and I'm still not sure how I did it, but it was so worth it.  I am now working with 300 students who will be graduating in 2019-- they are smart, interesting, funny, passionate individuals, and I'm loving the challenge of getting to know them and gaining their trust. "

Bethany Chamberlin