this girl. A coffee obsessed, runner who is fortunate enough to call herself a photographer too!

I proudly hail from Spokane, Washington. (All of our family still resides there, we definitely make it back as often as we can, YES! I do book sessions there!)

The last few years of life adventure with my best friend and husband took us out of Spokane, WA and across the State to Seattle, WA,  now settling in to the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

I believe taking life too seriously is one of the worst things you can do, when you trip and fall across the floor over nothing but your big toe – just laugh! I’ll laugh too, but only because I’ve probably (definitely) done the exact. same. thing.  I photograph the madness that is real life.

dreamer of dreams portland  kids

I am one of THOSE people...

     I love getting up to see the sunrise in the morning, but I also find myself staying up long past the time my kiddo has fallen asleep –> there is always so much to do!


There are many things I thought I would do with my life and I can safely say photographing

your growing belly,

 your brand new babe,

your family,

Is one of my favorite things.

Capturing your moments and telling your story is what I love to do – and I’ll continue doing so until God says otherwise.

Now that you know me, lets grab a coffee  because I would love to get to know YOU!

  Thanks for taking the time to stop by!